The iPhone 4 was released yesterday, and I didn’t get one. I’m not wealthy enough for such a device, but as you can tell many people did buy them. Lines stretched for blocks until people finally got them. Once people unboxed them, and tried to activate, problems started to persist. Hardware antenna issues, yellow spots on the screen, people breaking the glass. It just shows how such a beautiful device can have it’s weakness’s. It might look pretty, but if you drop it, both glass front and back will shatter. It’s strange how poorly that was thought out. This is Apple we’re dealing with… As for the reception issues, we know Apple did extensive testing to this device before launch (one of them got stollen/lost whatever) you’d think the would notice the loss of reception if you HOLD THE DEVICE NORMALLY. If you hold it correctly in a weird finger olympics way, you can get good reception.

I’m not saying the iPhone is bad. In fact, I want one! I want one now! But Apple has to deliver on demand of these new products, of course buying the first generation of a newly enhanced/new product is not the best idea. We must have it… We must have it NOW!


The E3 Expo starts this week. There’s always some hype and leaks before the major 3 companies: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. I have owned (don’t still own) each console and currently only have a PS3 and PC. I’ll give my predictions and expectations for each!


Before I got rid of my Xbox last year, I always noticed how loud and obnoxious it was. Microsoft isn’t a hardware company, the xbox is a great example of that with all the Red ring of deaths and hardware failures. Hopefully this E3, Microsoft will introduce a Xbox 360 Slim, and fix all the hardware issues the first gen had. We also expect to hear the final details about Project Natal. Personally, I think natal looks like a huge gimmick. Nobody wants to jump around with their hands in the air and play games. At least with the Wii you can sit down and play.


Nintendo has a lot of work to do. I think that this year they may catch up (but be one step behind) Microsoft and Sony. I believe (hopefully) Nintendo will release a new version of the Wii, one with HD graphics, 64GB SSD drive, motion plus built in and DVD/Blu-ray drive playback. I’d guess they would call it Wii+ or Wii HD and sell it for $249, leaving the original console at $199. It may be very unlikely, but Nintendo needs to do this to compete.  As for the Nintendo 3DS: I believe it will have 16GB built in, glasses-less 3D gaming, 1GHz processor, all games are downloaded, no cartridges. The PSP Go did this, and it wasn’t a huge hit, maybe nintendo will make it one! Oh yeah and a new zelda PLIZ!


Sony will most likely be talking about PS3 Move and  announce games, release date and pricing. I’m very excited for Move, It’s basically the Wii only with HD graphics and  fun beans. I think that Sony will also Update their PSN service to be more like Xbox Live. It will likely have a premium payed service which will allow universal Voice chat, a party system and maybe Hulu support.

E3 Keynote times:


Microsoft keynote



Nintendo keynote


Sony keynote


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Macs or PCs?


I have many opinions on the whole Mac vs PC debate. I’m not going to write an essay or anything but here are my thoughts:

First off, I think that Windows and Mac OS X are great operating systems and both do the same tasks very well, but to when some people talk about how Mac OS X is so much faster than windows. It’s not true. Windows isn’t faster than Macs either. It all comes down to hardware, if you have an iMac i7 and go head to head with a Core 2 Duo dell laptop: The iMac is going to win.

In my opinion: Apple makes better hardware then all of the PC competitor and if you need a PC, hire a teenager and have them BUILD you a custom PC. It’s cheaper, faster and doesn’t come with crapware. The only downside is a warranty.

When it comes down to games, Window’s wins. Steam has recently come out for Mac OS X, but it doesn’t come close to the game library Windows has. If you want a rocking Gaming PC: Build it! Go to and order your parts. If you want a creative machine for graphic/web designers, YouTubers, filmmakers get a mac…

Yesterday (5/12/10) my sister got married (congrats!) and I controlled the music using: Airport router, Laptop, iPod touch and a speaker system to control the music. The laptop was my sisters Dell Studio and the day of the wedding 2 hours until it started, Nortan anti-virus popped up and ended up crashing the computer. The computer was fine, no viruses; but I realized that this piece of shit isn’t reliable. If it crashed during the ceremony everyone would blame me. So I called my Dad and had him get his MacBook. It took me half the time to setup than the PC and was faster and more reliable than the PC.

Final thoughts:

Any large PC manufacturer is bad. They all have crapware, if your going to buy a PC, build it yourself… The only reason I would buy a Windows is for gaming or I want a very custom PC. I believe my next computer purchase will most likely be a Mac laptop. I can’t have an un-reliable PC storing my precious school data. So I guess this was kind of an essay… these are my thoughts, not yours and you have your own opinion. What is it?

Here ya go!

Yeah sure, TF2 was released for macs. BIG WHOOP! The most noticeable thing I saw with this latest update was THIS!

WHAT?!!!! This is clearly a tease to the Engineer update that is coming soon. A fracking huge shotgun with some sort of sight?! Whatever it is, I’m really excited!!! Hurry up with that engie update Valve!!! Oh yeah and Half-Life 2 Episode 3 pleaase!!!!

Watch the video for yourself:

TF2 shorts always crack me up 😀

As some man know, I’ve started to make videos on YouTube. In fact, I’m editing one right now (will be up later today.)! I just want to let people know my schedule for videos. So here it is:

I will make 3 videos a week. Each video will have it’s own topic. I will post videos on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  1. Tuesday’s video will be more “how-to/DIY” focused. For example: Screencast tutorial.
  2. Thursday’s video will be about the week’s tech news or one more specific topic.
  3. Saturday’s video will be a review, unboxing or random nonsense.

There you go! Today I’ll be uploading a “This Week’s News” video. Stay Tuned!

My First video is now up!!!