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Thar she blows. My custom PC that had a fried CPU is back form the dead. Now it’s back, and in a new sexier case! initially i bought the AMD Phenom just to have a small upgrade from my AMD Athlon. Man was it an upgrade. The extra core defiantly improves performance in everyday tasks, but mainly gives me a lot […]

RIP daniel-pc


RIP Daniel-PC. For 2 years you kept me in Linux Land and Windows World, we had fun times, and not so fun times. Your death was unfortunate, but sooner or later we all knew it would happen. I’m sure your happy in the clouds. Rest in peace.

About 2 years ago, I built a custom PC. It was my first build, and it definitely was a learning experience. I learned the benefits of building PC’s and yesterday I learned the downsides. (My Custom PC Specs) Yesterday after a hard day of school and work, I decided to purchase Mass Effect 2 from […]

Since the iPod touch came out back in 2008, I have owned the 1st and 2nd generation of the product and have enjoyed my fair share of applications. Here is a list of my favorite Applications. All of these I use on a daily basis and they are all free (almost): Twitterific Twitterific was one […]

First off, before the iPad was officially announced. I had high expectations for a Tablet device device that could surf the internet fast, use 3rd party applications and replace the need for having a laptop as a second computer. The Apple iPad has all of these things I want. But the terrible thing about it […]

I got Uncharted 2 back in December and I think this is my favorite video game of the decade. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has all the fun of climbing objects like Assassin’s Creed, the cover-based shooter mechanic of Gears of War and the puzzle solving from Legend of Zelda.