My Opinion: The Apple iPad


First off, before the iPad was officially announced. I had high expectations for a Tablet device device that could surf the internet fast, use 3rd party applications and replace the need for having a laptop as a second computer. The Apple iPad has all of these things I want. But the terrible thing about it is: Apple already made this device, and it’s called: The iPhone. The iPad is essentially an iPhone with a bigger screen and faster processor. It uses the exactly same Operating system and It can run iPhone applications in super small mode or super-huge-blow-up-to-pixelated-infinity mode. The least Apple could have done is changed the home screen to accommodated the amount of screen real estate it has.

So my final Opinion on the iPad is that it’s a device for grandmas (no offense to grandmas). It’s for the old folks who don’t want to be worried about viruses and learning to use a mouse. The interface is natural. If you used an iPhone, you can use the iPad. If you are sick of the iPhone/iPod touch UI (user interface) than the iPad is a huge disappointment.

Okay, I’m not done. This is where I tell you what I want from a mobile/tablet/slate/pad computer. If any manufacturer is listening. MAKE THIS:

  • 7″ Capacitive Multitouch OLED Screen.

The iPad uses an IPS LED screen that is supposedly is better than a normal LCD. The screen on the current generation of iPhone/iPod Touch look absolutely terrible compared to an OLED screen.

  • Open Source

This is an absolute MUST. Having an open developing community expands the life cycle of the product and gets a tremendous amont of support in the tech world. Not to mention the boatload of free software. 😀

  • 3G/4G Cellular Data

The iPad is an unlocked smart phone that doesn’t make phone calls. It has AT&T 3G data for $14.99/$24.99 a month for always on internet access. For a tablet/slate/pad device, it shouldn’t be required but a unlimited data plan through some carrier would be nice (kindle style Whispernet would be highly appreciated).

  • USB 2.0/3.0 & SDHC card slot

Having the ability to plug in a USB keyboard to quickly type out an email, or plug in your camera and transfer/edit photos would be grand. Also SDHC for expandable memory.


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