Top 5 iPhone Applications (updated!)


Since the iPod touch came out back in 2008, I have owned the 1st and 2nd generation of the product and have enjoyed my fair share of applications. Here is a list of my favorite Applications. All of these I use on a daily basis and they are all free (almost):

  • Twitterific

Twitterific was one of the first Twitter clients on the iPhone, and one of the best (in my opinion). Many users like to pay for Tweetie 2, which is probably a great client, but who wants to pay for something that’s free initially? (free/$4.99)

  • Push+Pop

Push+Pop is a extremely simple todo list application. It’s the most simple one in the App store. When you first boot the app, it gives you a list of all your todo’s and a button to create a new one. (free)

  • Doodle Jump

When you first purchase Doodle Jump, it gives you a disclaimer “BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!”. I tell you now, this game is terribly addicting. You’ll find yourself trying to pass your high score in every free moment you have. ($0.99)

  • Blocks Drop

Do you love Tetris? Do you hate wasting $4.99 on a stupid you can play on your computer for free? Block Drops is a Tetris clone with a twist. Block Drop replaces the traditional blocks you’d normally get with a Tetris game, and gives you modified blocks that make the game more challenging, or more easy (depending on your skill level). Well too bad, you can’t buy this game. Apple has whiped it clean from the App store, due to some stupid thing nobody cares about. Blocks Drop has been created to be a more original puzzle block game that costs $0.99. I refuse to buy it.

  • Facebook

I have yet to share my opinion on Facebook, we’ll save that for another post. Despite what I may think about the Social Networking site, I use this app every day to check what my friends are up to. The best thing about it is how quick it is. You immediately get access to your friends status updates or post your own. (free)

  • GeoSnake

GeoSnake is a take on the classic game “snake”. It has 2 modes: A arcade mode, and a survival mode. Arcade mode contains 32 levels that get increasingly harder, and Survival mode tests your snake skills to see how long you can last. This game is the best representation of snake I’ve ever played. It includes OpenFeint capabilities and a creative user interface. BUY IT! NOW!!! ($0.99)


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