The Mass Effect 2 Effect


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About 2 years ago, I built a custom PC. It was my first build, and it definitely was a learning experience. I learned the benefits of building PC’s and yesterday I learned the downsides. (My Custom PC Specs)

Yesterday after a hard day of school and work, I decided to purchase Mass Effect 2 from Steam. Once I installed it, I started playing right away. The graphics were amazing! One of the best graphical/technical achievements in video games. I was blinded by how fun the game play was and how beautiful it looked, then it happened… In mid-gameplay, It just froze. Then I got a Windows error: “Mass Effect 2 has stopped working.” I just shrugged and said to myself “Hey, games crash, I’ll start again.”. No luck, same thing happened in mid-game.

Now I knew something was up. So I checked my Nvidia Drivers for my GeForce 9800GT. I noticed they were out of date. Like any computer geek, I download the update… at… 20kb/s…… I’m not kidding… Nvidia, get some new servers or something, because that’s unacceptable. Anyway, after 50 minutes of downloading, I installed the new drivers and booted up Mass Effect 2 again. I got to play for 30 minutes this time, but instead of crashing, My computer shut off. Now I definitely knew the root of the problem. Overheating.

It’s, February 10th now and Mass Effect 2 is still unplayable. I will swap out graphics cards with my old one to check if my graphics card is fried. If so, a Core i5 Macbook Pro would sound nice right about now. 😦

I have had a very long and tedious day of troubleshooting. It seems that what I thought was a simple issue, It has turned out to be a major issue causing me to reinstall Windows and possibly even buying parts to replace. While attempting to reinstall windows, my system turned off due to overheating (that’s what I think). So I swapped in a Linux Mint disk and installed that on my system. Everything is running 100% smooth and no hiccups so far. But this doesn’t allow me to play Mass Effect 2. 😦

So in conclusion, my CPU has been fried. Probably due to heat issues. This catastrophe was a combination of my graphics card emitting a lot of heat from playing Mass Effect 2, my small case with cheap fans that don’t move much heat, thus causing my system to overheat and shut down. I’ve learned my lesson. Now I must shop for new parts or a new computer. RIP daniel-pc


3 Responses to “The Mass Effect 2 Effect”

  1. 1 Jordan

    Good post, although you made some mistakes.

    “I built a custom PC myself”. “I” and “myself” are grammatically redundant, “I built a custom PC”, means exactly the same thing.

    “Yesterday after a hard day of school and working”. Not a mistake, I just think it sounds better, without the “ing”.

    “but instead of crashing. My computer shutoff” should be “but instead of crashing,(comma) my computer shutoff”.

    I’m not trying to be mean, just trying to be helpful. You’re a good writer, keep it up.

    Did you try doing anything super demanding on linux? Maybe you have some kind of windows virus?

    Also next time you should water cool your cpu and get a new case, that’d make it hard to fry, even with overclocking :D.

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