Day 5, Brand spankin’ new menu backgrounds.


So, I figured that the icon I made yesterday looks a heck of a lot better than the menus I made, so I updated the menu system to be as shiny and spacey as the icon! On top of that I got a boat load of new things done today. Just to name a few:

  1. Finished Level 2
  2. New Menu backgrounds
  3. Updated spawn system for Level 2
  4. Created Level 3’s scene.
  5. Added Level 3’s Scrolling funciton
  6. Added Level 3’s ship/ship controls
  7. Added freeplay’s scene.

With all that done, the only thing left to do is finish Level 3 and freeplay and I’ll have a release candidate! So, tomorrow will be the 6th and final day of pre-release development. Sorry, no image today. Also, starting tomorrow I will brainstorm a little for my next project. An iPad specific game actually coded using Obj-C and the Cocos2D framework perhaps? Okay, one last thing! If Colossal ever becomes somewhat popular ( I hope) I will make a (real)website devoted to my apps/games. OH and one very last final thing, I saw the “Green Zone”. It was pretty good, nice story but not as good as hurt locker :D.


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