Macs or PCs?


I have many opinions on the whole Mac vs PC debate. I’m not going to write an essay or anything but here are my thoughts:

First off, I think that Windows and Mac OS X are great operating systems and both do the same tasks very well, but to when some people talk about how Mac OS X is so much faster than windows. It’s not true. Windows isn’t faster than Macs either. It all comes down to hardware, if you have an iMac i7 and go head to head with a Core 2 Duo dell laptop: The iMac is going to win.

In my opinion: Apple makes better hardware then all of the PC competitor and if you need a PC, hire a teenager and have them BUILD you a custom PC. It’s cheaper, faster and doesn’t come with crapware. The only downside is a warranty.

When it comes down to games, Window’s wins. Steam has recently come out for Mac OS X, but it doesn’t come close to the game library Windows has. If you want a rocking Gaming PC: Build it! Go to and order your parts. If you want a creative machine for graphic/web designers, YouTubers, filmmakers get a mac…

Yesterday (5/12/10) my sister got married (congrats!) and I controlled the music using: Airport router, Laptop, iPod touch and a speaker system to control the music. The laptop was my sisters Dell Studio and the day of the wedding 2 hours until it started, Nortan anti-virus popped up and ended up crashing the computer. The computer was fine, no viruses; but I realized that this piece of shit isn’t reliable. If it crashed during the ceremony everyone would blame me. So I called my Dad and had him get his MacBook. It took me half the time to setup than the PC and was faster and more reliable than the PC.

Final thoughts:

Any large PC manufacturer is bad. They all have crapware, if your going to buy a PC, build it yourself… The only reason I would buy a Windows is for gaming or I want a very custom PC. I believe my next computer purchase will most likely be a Mac laptop. I can’t have an un-reliable PC storing my precious school data. So I guess this was kind of an essay… these are my thoughts, not yours and you have your own opinion. What is it?


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