E3 Predictions and Expectations


The E3 Expo starts this week. There’s always some hype and leaks before the major 3 companies: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. I have owned (don’t still own) each console and currently only have a PS3 and PC. I’ll give my predictions and expectations for each!


Before I got rid of my Xbox last year, I always noticed how loud and obnoxious it was. Microsoft isn’t a hardware company, the xbox is a great example of that with all the Red ring of deaths and hardware failures. Hopefully this E3, Microsoft will introduce a Xbox 360 Slim, and fix all the hardware issues the first gen had. We also expect to hear the final details about Project Natal. Personally, I think natal looks like a huge gimmick. Nobody wants to jump around with their hands in the air and play games. At least with the Wii you can sit down and play.


Nintendo has a lot of work to do. I think that this year they may catch up (but be one step behind) Microsoft and Sony. I believe (hopefully) Nintendo will release a new version of the Wii, one with HD graphics, 64GB SSD drive, motion plus built in and DVD/Blu-ray drive playback. I’d guess they would call it Wii+ or Wii HD and sell it for $249, leaving the original console at $199. It may be very unlikely, but Nintendo needs to do this to compete.  As for the Nintendo 3DS: I believe it will have 16GB built in, glasses-less 3D gaming, 1GHz processor, all games are downloaded, no cartridges. The PSP Go did this, and it wasn’t a huge hit, maybe nintendo will make it one! Oh yeah and a new zelda PLIZ!


Sony will most likely be talking about PS3 Move and  announce games, release date and pricing. I’m very excited for Move, It’s basically the Wii only with HD graphics and  fun beans. I think that Sony will also Update their PSN service to be more like Xbox Live. It will likely have a premium payed service which will allow universal Voice chat, a party system and maybe Hulu support.

E3 Keynote times:


Microsoft keynote



Nintendo keynote


Sony keynote


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