The iPhone 4 is released! Let the hardware issues begin!


The iPhone 4 was released yesterday, and I didn’t get one. I’m not wealthy enough for such a device, but as you can tell many people did buy them. Lines stretched for blocks until people finally got them. Once people unboxed them, and tried to activate, problems started to persist. Hardware antenna issues, yellow spots on the screen, people breaking the glass. It just shows how such a beautiful device can have it’s weakness’s. It might look pretty, but if you drop it, both glass front and back will shatter. It’s strange how poorly that was thought out. This is Apple we’re dealing with… As for the reception issues, we know Apple did extensive testing to this device before launch (one of them got stollen/lost whatever) you’d think the would notice the loss of reception if you HOLD THE DEVICE NORMALLY. If you hold it correctly in a weird finger olympics way, you can get good reception.

I’m not saying the iPhone is bad. In fact, I want one! I want one now! But Apple has to deliver on demand of these new products, of course buying the first generation of a newly enhanced/new product is not the best idea. We must have it… We must have it NOW!


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