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The iPhone 4 was released yesterday, and I didn’t get one. I’m not wealthy enough for such a device, but as you can tell many people did buy them. Lines stretched for blocks until people finally got them. Once people unboxed them, and tried to activate, problems started to persist. Hardware antenna issues, yellow spots on […]

The E3 Expo starts this week. There’s always some hype and leaks before the major 3 companies: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. I have owned (don’t still own) each console and currently only have a PS3 and PC. I’ll give my predictions and expectations for each! Microsoft: Before I got rid of my Xbox last year, I always […]

Macs or PCs?


I have many opinions on the whole Mac vs PC debate. I’m not going to write an essay or anything but here are my thoughts: First off, I think that Windows and Mac OS X are great operating systems and both do the same tasks very well, but to when some people talk about how […]

Here ya go!

Yeah sure, TF2 was released for macs. BIG WHOOP! The most noticeable thing I saw with this latest update was THIS! WHAT?!!!! This is clearly a tease to the Engineer update that is coming soon. A fracking huge shotgun with some sort of sight?! Whatever it is, I’m really excited!!! Hurry up with that engie […]

As some man know, I’ve started to make videos on YouTube. In fact, I’m editing one right now (will be up later today.)! I just want to let people know my schedule for videos. So here it is: I will make 3 videos a week. Each video will have it’s own topic. I will post […]

My First video is now up!!! WATCH IT! SUBSCRIBE!!! LIKE! EAT whatever!