Colossal is a traditional top-down shooter, created by 17 year old Daniel Bryant. Colossal  is set in various location with 3 challenging levels and a freeplay mode which starts out easy but gets very challenging, very quickly.

Colossal fills your arcade shooting needs!


– 3 Different enemy types: Basic, Medium and Extreme.

– Includes three levels: Earth+Nature, Ice+Fire and Air+Space.

– Includes a freeplay mode.

– In-game score and High Score markers.

– Unique scrollable menu system.

– Unique 2D art style.

– Unique original music.

How to play:

– Main Menu

The “Play” button lets you play straight away in the first level.

The “Freeplay” button begins the freeplay mode.

The “Help” button brings up a quick help screen.

Swipe left to view the about page.

Swipe right to view the various levels.

– Gameplay

Drag your finger on the slider at the bottom to move your ship left and right and to automatically shoot.

Shoot the enemies as they continuously drop down from the top of the screen.

Destroy all the enemies and the level is cleared.


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