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With the introduction of the iPhone 4 with front facing camera and 720p video recording, there is no reason to carry around the extra weight of a pocket camcorder. With the addition of iMovie on the iPhone 4, there is no reason to carry a computer around to edit your video and upload it to the internet. The iPhone 4 has now become one step closer to the end of desktop PC’s. I personally love desktop PC’s and don’t want them to go away, but with the simplicity and convenience of this new iPhone 4 software, we will see a change in the way video blogs are shot, News is handled and maybe even pocket film competitions. Imagine trying to shoot, edit and distribute a film right on your iPhone. If I had the money to buy an iPhone 4, it would be my target device for getting video coverage of event’s like E3 ( later this month) and PAX Prime (This September, I’ll be there!). It’s exciting times people… exciting times.


Sooo, Yeah I’m starting a YouTube channel. I will make videos quite regularly discussing the latest technology news, and stuff. That’s pretty much all I want to say. I’m listening to The Beatles right now… She came in through the bathroom window, it’s quite true. I’ll post a video tomorrow, cya then.

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Alright, It’s been fun couple weeks as I’ve been planning and developing my new game: Orbliterate. My original intentions were to create a Sidescrolling RPG. Obviously, that didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped. So, instead I made a puzzle game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! The point of the game is to collect as many orbs as you can. Challenge 2-4 friends on the same device or fight monsters alone! Orbliterate & Orbliterate HD are both submitted and in the review process for the App Store.

Both Orbliterate & Orbliterate HD will cost: $1.99

My new project.


Alright!!! I am currently NOT working on an iPhone Tower defense game. The art I made sucked, and the early prototypes I did not find fun… Sorry! But I am making an Action Sidescroller similar to Castle Crashers THATS ALL I’M SAYING!!!

In some other updates, Colossal isn’t a very big hit so far, Just under 20 downloads. It’s only been out for 3 days, so It may pick up in popularity in the future. We shall see. BUY COLOSSAL TODAY!


Colossal is now available for download in the iTunes App store. It is available for iPhone and iPhone for $0.99.

Today, I created my iPhone developer account and I finished debugging Colossal on my iPod touch! As of now, it is waiting to be reviewed by Apple. So excited!