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Today, was a slow day for Colossal’s development, I only spent about 2 hours working on a new icon and music. I also updated the level 2 enemy spawner. Tomorrow, I will do more, more!!! Oh yeah, above my icon (mini sized); (image isn’t actual application, just a test app made in xcode and the […]

Yeah yeah, You’ve heard this before, but believe me when i say, the previous icon sucked! Now, I have a brand new shiny icon for Colossal! I have a promo-size, appicon-size and a mini icon for the search box. Tell me what you think! Don’t be shy, all 2 of you! (one is me).

New Art!


I’ve been hard at work on producing new art for my iPhone game “Colossal”  I created a mock up in photoshop using all the art I’ve made so far into what Colossal might look like during gameplay. From the Mock-up above, you can see i created made a scroll bar at the bottom that controls the ship […]