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Yeah yeah, You’ve heard this before, but believe me when i say, the previous icon sucked! Now, I have a brand new shiny icon for Colossal! I have a promo-size, appicon-size and a mini icon for the search box. Tell me what you think! Don’t be shy, all 2 of you! (one is me).

Day 3 has come and gone! I’ve done quite a bit today, despite redoing a couple hours of work due to deleting variables which made some game rules inoperable. But everything is working now. I implemented a brand new menu. It includes panels instead of a different scene. Swiping your finger back on the main screen glides through […]

I am just a day away from crafting “Colossal” into game form, and I’ve almost completed all the art I need. Including my icon for the iPhone/iPod Touch menu screen. Here we go! It’s not the best icon ever made, but it’ll pass awesome test.

[Not final product, still a work in progress.] Today I put in an order for “Snow Leopard” and “Beginning iPhone development” an Apress book. I’m venturing to iPhone development! I have past experience with C#, Ruby, javascript and some C. Objective-C looks like a crazy mess but I heard it’s not so bad. Currently designing […]

First off, before the iPad was officially announced. I had high expectations for a Tablet device device that could surf the internet fast, use 3rd party applications and replace the need for having a laptop as a second computer. The Apple iPad has all of these things I want. But the terrible thing about it […]