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[Image via] With the introduction of the iPhone 4 with front facing camera and 720p video recording, there is no reason to carry around the extra weight of a pocket camcorder. With the addition of iMovie on the iPhone 4, there is no reason to carry a computer around to edit your video and […]


My new project.


Alright!!! I am currently NOT working on an iPhone Tower defense game. The art I made sucked, and the early prototypes I did not find fun… Sorry! But I am making an Action Sidescroller similar to Castle Crashers THATS ALL I’M SAYING!!! In some other updates, Colossal isn’t a very big hit so far, Just […]

Colossal is now available for download in the iTunes App store. It is available for iPhone and iPhone for $0.99.

Today, I created my iPhone developer account and I finished debugging Colossal on my iPod touch! As of now, it is waiting to be reviewed by Apple. So excited!

Today, marks the completion of Colossal! I still have device testing and stress testing to do, but the initial game is completed. Here’s a list of the things I got done today: Create Level 3 enemy spawner Fixed the game over: “Play again” button Create level 3 music. Add freeplay results menu. Fixed high score […]

So, I figured that the icon I made yesterday looks a heck of a lot better than the menus I made, so I updated the menu system to be as shiny and spacey as the icon! On top of that I got a boat load of new things done today. Just to name a few: […]