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My new project.


Alright!!! I am currently NOT working on an iPhone Tower defense game. The art I made sucked, and the early prototypes I did not find fun… Sorry! But I am making an Action Sidescroller similar to Castle Crashers THATS ALL I’M SAYING!!! In some other updates, Colossal isn’t a very big hit so far, Just […]

Today, marks the completion of Colossal! I still have device testing and stress testing to do, but the initial game is completed. Here’s a list of the things I got done today: Create Level 3 enemy spawner Fixed the game over: “Play again” button Create level 3 music. Add freeplay results menu. Fixed high score […]

Today, was a slow day for Colossal’s development, I only spent about 2 hours working on a new icon and music. I also updated the level 2 enemy spawner. Tomorrow, I will do more, more!!! Oh yeah, above my icon (mini sized); (image isn’t actual application, just a test app made in xcode and the […]

Yeah yeah, You’ve heard this before, but believe me when i say, the previous icon sucked! Now, I have a brand new shiny icon for Colossal! I have a promo-size, appicon-size and a mini icon for the search box. Tell me what you think! Don’t be shy, all 2 of you! (one is me).

Day 3 has come and gone! I’ve done quite a bit today, despite redoing a couple hours of work due to deleting variables which made some game rules inoperable. But everything is working now. I implemented a brand new menu. It includes panels instead of a different scene. Swiping your finger back on the main screen glides through […]

[The program i’m using is called: Gamesalad. It’s for rapid game development. It’s really nice!] Day 2 of Colossal Development has ended! I got a lot done these past days. The main menu and submenus are done. I’m still currently working on the first level, getting gameplay, enemy HP and spawning done perfect. I think […]